Web Design & Development

Blog Cabin Vote

Javascript/html/css development


Full stack LAMP development using CodeIgniter MVC, responsive design, visual design, javascript development, performance optimization

Township of Verona, NJ: Official Website

Graphic design, Drupal website with a custom Zen sub-theme

Street Life Photography

Logo design, Graphic design, jquery splash animation, Wordpress customization

BDG Law Firm

Graphic design, html/js/css design, site architecture

Axioma, Inc: Quant Forum, Breakfast Seminars

Graphic design for Constant Contact email banners

Public Interest Network Services

(local archive) Graphic design, html design, site architecture

Catalog for Giving of NYC

(from internet archive) Graphic design, html design, adaptation from printed catalog

The Vines Network

(Screenshots only) Graphic design, html design, PHP development

Print Design

Streetlife Photography

Logo & business card design

Verrazano (Improv Group)

Promotional postcard design

Axioma Inc.

Magazine advertisement - design & layout

Immigration & Assimilation

Journal cover illustration for Freedom House

Pfizer for Living

Promotional CD-ROM packaging for Pfizer

Animation & Interactive

Word-TV Animations

Gif animations for the online magazine Word

QTVR Flipbooks

Flipbook animations built in QTVR

CDKNet Flash Animation

Splash Animation loop for CDKNet

Enhanced CD Interface Allison Moorer

Graphic design, html design

Enhanced CD Interface - Amanda Green

Graphic design, html design

Enhanced CD Interface - Pfizer for Living

Graphic design, html design